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Lightings control system


Operating principle
Technical data
Economic benefit

Regulation system of illumination level (further – system) is intended for regulation of luminous flux of lightings with HPS lamps for the purpose of illumination level optimization in a greenhouse.
The main elements of the system are:
- control block
- lightings with electronic ballasts and command receivers.

easy installation, high reliability, low price
- cutting energy up to 30% per year
- service life increasing in 1,3 times
- easy maintenance
- illumination level optimization in a greenhouse (for all the seasons, for various cultures and for different plant growth stages) without lightings replacement
- possibility of automate and adaptive illumination systems installation in a greenhouse

Operating principle

Control block regulates output power of electronic ballasts which allows changing lamp glow intensity and illumination level in a greenhouse.
System can work both in manual and automatic mode.
In manual mode power level is permanent and is set over the range from 50% to 100% by operator.
In automatic mode days are divided into arbitrary number of time intervals. During those intervals electronic ballast equipment operates with the preset power.
Control block can memorize up to 10 different programs. Power level or light exposure regulation program is easy to set on a control block with 4 keys and display.
Electronic ballast equipment control is accomplished through separate wires integrated into a «mono channel» data bus. Both usual lightings and lightings with power regulation device can operate together in the same mains.
In addition system can include light exposure sensors, communication devices, remote controls, monitoring devices, quality analyzers, and electricity analyzers. It can be integrated in automated management system as well.


Technical data

Number of lightings in one segment of data bus not more than 300
Physical environment of data transfer two-wire line
Data bus one segment length not more than 2000m
Depth of power control 50% to 100%
Power control pitch 10%
Accuracy of time intervals setting 1 min
Protection degree IP20
Working temperature range -20°C +50°C
Galvanic isolation between feed network and data bus, data bus and electronic ballast equipment not less than 2500V
Supply voltage 230V, 50-60Hz
Power input 10W
Lifetime 10 years or more
Dimensions (width × depth × height) 100 × 109 × 76 mm
Non-volatile memory sufficient for 10-day operation  
Non-volatile clock / calendar  
LED-indication of internal status  
Communication with dispatcher's PC by CAN or RS-485 interface (depending on modification)  


Economic benefit
- equipment price (control block and command receivers) is 3 ... 5% of lighting's price only
- economic return of the system is 2…4 months
- cutting energy costs up to 30%
- service life of lightings and lamps increases in 1,3 times
- cutting maintenance costs
- yield increasing up to 5…7% due to the light exposure optimization




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